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PROJECT ONE is a new band formed amongst the most popular rock band members from different bands and has been established by the founder of Bandwagon By Positive Vibes, Bikesh Kayastha on November 2017.

It consists of band members from Mukti and Revival, Robin and the New Revolution, The Shadows, Anuprastha, Hari Maharjan Project, Tumbleweed, Kanta Dab Dab, Newaz and former members of Nepathya and The Axe.

The line up consists of –


Mukti Shakya- Muti & Revival
Robin Tamang- Robin & The New Revolution
Swapnil Sharma- The Shadows ‘Nepal’
Niran Shahi- Anurprastha


Hari Maharjan- Former Lead Guitarists of Nepathya/Hari Maharjan Project
Sarad Shrestha- Former Lead Guitarists of The Axe/Tumbleweed


Roshan Kansakar- Newaz


Nikhil Tuladhar- Fromer drummer of Nepathya/ Kanta Dab Dab.

It is for the first time in the musical history of Nepal that all the key members from the prominent bands in Nepal have all come up together and have agreed to work in a team as a single band, to perform together, for the first time, having created a milestone and aims to spread the message of UNITY and its importance in our day to day life. The event has been highly awaited with much anticipation and will likely set a standard benchmark and is expected to reach to a new dimension through performance, the sounds, lights, stage, led screening, proper production and floor planning.

Also for the first time the pioneer of the musical industry of Nepal will be singing each others previous hit songs.

All the band members from PROJECT ONE have years of long professional experiences, uniqueness and competences in the musical field. The support received by the event organizer Bandwagon By Positive Vibes from the band PROJECT ONE is truly unbelievable and commendable.

What is the main objective of PROJECT ONE?

The band PROJECT ONE has been formed with the main purpose to be a set of an example for UNITY and to spread positive message to the general public that UNITY is essential among all the Nepalese, in every part of our life, in all the workplace, including the musical field. It wishes to convey the message that it is generally important for all of us to stand together in every crisis we all go through, since we all live in the same country and we all face the same problem from political to social problem and also natural calamities. It was apparently visible that all the Nepalese had supported one another post earthquake in the year 2015.

The country has been rampantly going through political crises where there is a political instability since the government of Nepal is changing after certain period of time. There is an excess of social problems existing in our country from gender and caste discrimination, girl trafficking and rape, violence against women, child labor and commercial exploitation etc.

It is important for us all to think about it, realize about our social responsibilities, join our hands together, raise our similar voice, oppose and confront the anti-social and unlawful activities. Therefore, the new band PROJECT ONE will play a predominant role and integral part in sensitizing the citizens of our country about the importance of unity.

What will we do for Pheri Uthney Chha Nepal- IV?

We will be carrying out our actions in organizing series of musical events in various main cities in Nepal. The seconf event will take place in Dharan, in Dharan Public School Ground on the 21st April 2018.

The remaining events will take place in major cities from Mechi to Mahakali’s districts, to spread a positive message and impacts on the vision for the band and its member that have stood to spread the message of supporting each other as we being Nepali.

What Does Project One’s Album consists of?

Project One’s album consists of six songs, which will be lyrics based and one instrumental. All the tracks will be related to social issues and motivational, that we Nepali faces on day to day basis and will also have a motivational song.

The music videos of the album recently kicked off and has got great response from the public.

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