Green Gathering - XI

Green Gathering - XI

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Green Gathering - XI

(Gathering of Tribes)

Nov. 26th-28th, 2023

Greetings to all the beautiful people around the world. Hoping that everyone is doing great.

Green Gathering Movements is music, art, dance, Eco solutions and conscious living, gathering of positive people hosted upon sustainable community space maintained for the education Eco-farming, woofing, healing etc. A Gathering with electronic music along with a retreat into the Earths highest nature where we share our skills and ideas to develop a worthy culture for future generations.

Apart from the Art & Entertainment, since the initiation time the gathering provides access to incredible nature, music, visionary art installation, performances, spiritual education, relaxation, healing and performances along with like minded people who are interested in sharing information & knowledge about Holistic Healing & Spiritual Practices which would lead to harmonious lifestyle that co-exists with the nature around you. Many different lectures & workshops are available where you can learn from various experts and leading alternative thinkers or share your own knowledge.

Creating Oneness, Rainbows, and Re connection to the nature.

*We'd like to invite you for 3 day & 2 nights of journey with incredibly talented artists with their art to be connected with the mother nature with an astounding mountain experience watching the Himalayas.

*What to expect in the gathering?

-Entrance Zone

-Workshop Zone

-Forest Zone

-Camp Fire Zone

-Food & Bar Zone

-Kid's Zone

-Natural Location

-Family Environment

-Kid Friendly

-Camping and Caravan Area

-Poi, fire, juggling, contempory dance etc.

-Open Air Stage.

-1 Stage

-2 Sets (Solar State & Lunar State)

-Music (Live+ Hybrid+ Dj Sets)

-Beautiful Peoples & Many More..... ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

*The Gathering will initiate after the sacred ceremony held by a tribe healer from the region to receive blessings, protection & permission from the Spirit of the mountains.

****LINE UP****

Lunar Stage:

-Plankton (Live) Anamolastic Rec/ Xibalba Rec. Swizerland

-Sukhada | PsyGhost (Shakti Peak Festival/ Digital Shaman Rec) Nepal

-Jatra (Shakti Peak Festival) NP

-Kapaline Music (Psyfunktion Rec, Psylienz Rec, Aryavartha Rec) India

- Bom Pom (Digital Nomad Records/ Pirates Of Mountain) Np

-Cactus (Bluelights rec/ Dragonfly Studio) Np

-Shiva Tandav (Bluelights Rec/ UEV Rec)Np

-Ghising (Cotton Rev. Rec) Np

-RXR (RXR Entertainment) Np

***Solar Stage****

-Digeo Rebel & Friends

(Raggae) Chile X Np

-Monkeys On Drugs (NP)

-Beyond Mind-Music (NP)

-Dj Monty (International) 

-Dj El Passa (Russia)

** **

*About the venue:

-Somewhere In the Mountains of Nepal Bellow Majestic Himalayas.

Precise Location will be provided to ticket holders only.

Tickets link online

-Meeting Point place For Shuttle Bus Service : November 26th : 2 Pm 

Hotel August lake pvt


Sedi Bagar North lakesides, Pokhara

***Promo/ Afta Party***

TBA Soon.

*Things to remember:

-Warm Clothes.

-Camping Gears. (Must)

-Recyclable Bottles for water.

-Lot's of Love.

*Things not allowed:


-Outside food & Drinks.

-Weapons or any sort of violent materials.


-It's a Camping Gathering so camping gear is must important.

-Even though security will be there yet, any theft or loss of any of visitors belongings are of visitors own concern so we urge you to keep your valuables behind at your Hotel...

-The ticket price is to pay for the artist and setup as we are solely dependent upon donations and gatherers so with due respect we hope to see you with tickets as a return of gratitude for our hard work, passion and future. love n' light.

Welcome Eco Oneness !!

Please share,  support in any way...collective energy to pure natural and sustainable living...

celebrating life and respecting Mother Nature...

Thank you.

Green Gathering Family

With kind regards.

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Green Gathering - XI

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